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Guided tours of Madrid and its surroundings

Visit Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Ávila...

My name is José María, I have been an official tour guide since 2000 and I have proposed that with each visit you enjoy an experience that you will never forget.

At JMenjoymadrid we take care of all the details so that you get the most out of each visit. We will show you not only the museums, places, and essential monuments of each city, but I will take you -if you want- to enjoy the gastronomy, legends and peculiarities of each city.

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Discover Madrid

With JMenjoymadrid!

Discover the capital of Spain and a cosmopolitan city like few others, it is one of the European destinations with the best tourist infrastructures. In addition, it has an impressive cultural and artistic heritage, along with an exciting legacy of centuries of history. The city of Madrid is a good destination to visit at any time of year. It may be very hot in the summer in the capital of Spain, but that feeling does not last long. The bars and cafes with air conditioning, the terraces with humidification devices or the magnificent range of swimming pools are an excellent remedy. Visiting a good museum is another option, it will recreate our view, expand our mind and enjoy a pleasant temperature.

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¿What do we propose?

A contextualized and emotional approach to Cultural Heritage linking history, society, art and artistic personalities with a personal touch, less classical descriptive.
The objective of our visits goes beyond conventional guided tours or master classes where the focus is almost exclusively concentrated on the work of art, the monument, the route in turn, or on my / our knowledge as a professional.
It is about, within a given historical, artistic, social and cultural framework, to focus on the visitor, on you, on the emotions and reflections caused by the encounter with the work, so that that encounter becomes an intimate experience, open to dialogue and different sensibilities, fun.

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